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The Missing Planks

Ennukshak and Nowyer

Schwatka Expedition Learns of a wreck

Myth of Montreal Island

Supunger’s Pillar

Target of Opportunity (1992)

Supunger’s Travels – Where did Supunger go? Can we trust his geography?

100 Holes – A short extract from the new manuscript.

Fake News – An apology for a mistake in Unravelling.

Fiction Friction – The first time I saw my name in print!

New Posts – A new index (this) to updated posts. Will be updated periodically, newest posts first.

Washington Notes – Transcription of notes taken during visit to the Hall Collection, extensive extracts (long).

Better Fellows Never Breathed. Originally Chap. Eight of the submitted manuscript of Unravelling. For those who don’t have the time to read the excellent collection of crew letters recently published (May We Be Spared to Meet on Earth: Letters of the Lost Franklin Arctic Expedition) yet would still like to meet the crew.

Two Words – The Victory Point Record. A “thought piece” originally written in the early eighties to organize my ideas about the pivotal document in the Franklin mystery. A short update, written in 2021, is appended.

Big Wolf. A review of Douglas Wamsley’s new biography of Schwatka, written for the Arctic Book Review.

Utjulik 2001 Expedition Report. Self-explanatory, our first use of sled-drawn magnetometers.

Irish-Canadian Franklin Search Expedition Report 2004. An edited version of the final official report prepared by Charles Moore.

2000 Expedition Daily Notes. Daily notes jotted down during the St. Roch II Voyage of Rediscovery Expedition (Franklin search part). An antidote to those who think that searching was dramatic.

Gross /Woodman 1999 Expedition. The most fun you can have when frozen stiff.

Written Media. Links to various accounts about writings and expeditions.

Media Overview. An explanatory page for the media tab.

Audio and Interviews. Various recordings of interviews with participants in the search for Franklin.

Second to No Other.  Originally Chap. Seven of the submitted manuscript of Unravelling, it was cut from the overly-long submission and never saw the light of day.

The Utjulik Wreck (revised 2003). Essay used as “historical background” section of permit application for Utjulik 2004 expedition. The original essay from 1992 was updated each year to incorporate prior work.

2014 Preface to Unravelling the Franklin Mystery. This was written for the second edition of Unravelling, and brought the original text (which was unchanged) up to date.

Encounters on the Passage – Eber (Review). Book Review of Dorothy’s book.

The Terror, Dr. Matthew Betts (review). Book Review of Matthew’s book.

Tom and Dave’s Excellent Adventure (Supunger 99). A magazine article written about the Supunger 99 trip. Never published.

Project Ootjoolik (1992). Magazine article about airborne magnetic search around Grant Point. A shortened version was published in 1993 as “Project Ootjoolik,” in the military magazine Sentinel, 29.2 (April-May): 28-29.